TTHS en VWOS vervallen

e-learning programma ‘Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor’ beschikbaar

Per 1 april 2016 zijn de programma’s Toegang Tot Het Spoor (TTHS) en Veilig Werken Op Het Spoor (VWOS) niet meer beschikbaar.

Het nieuwe programma Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor (VTOS) gaat niet alleen over de huisregels van ProRail, maar ook over de veiligheidsregels. Klik op en volg het programma ter voorbereiding op de toets VTOS van stichting railAlert.

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At ProRail we attach the highest priority to safety along the tracks. Everyone on ProRail grounds is expected to observe our House Rules. These rules have been written down to ensure safe behaviour, environmental awareness, order and tidiness.

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  • Everyone on ProRail grounds must observe the ProRail House Rules.
  • The House Rules focus on safe behaviour, environmental awareness and keeping the area clean and tidy.
  • If anyone is behaving dangerously or unprofessionally, speak out!
  • Also respect the right of others to speak to you about your behaviour.
  • In case of emergencies where public emergency services (police, ambulance, fire brigade) are required: call 112.
  • In case of dangerous situations, incidents, accidents and other irregularities where emergency services are not required: call the Infra Operational Management Centre (IOM) of the relevant region.

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You see someone walking along the tracks.
What should you do?