TTHS en VWOS vervallen

e-learning programma ‘Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor’ beschikbaar

Per 1 april 2016 zijn de programma’s Toegang Tot Het Spoor (TTHS) en Veilig Werken Op Het Spoor (VWOS) niet meer beschikbaar.

Het nieuwe programma Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor (VTOS) gaat niet alleen over de huisregels van ProRail, maar ook over de veiligheidsregels. Klik op en volg het programma ter voorbereiding op de toets VTOS van stichting railAlert.

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Being on ProRail grounds involves certain risks, such as being hit or electrocuted. ProRail does not want unauthorised persons on its grounds. This is no place to pick berries or walk your dog! You should only be here on ProRail’s instructions.

Watch the video about identification and reporting at tunnels.

Study these facts carefully. Click on the image(s) for a summary in pictures.

  • You are obliged to identify yourself when asked to do so by authorised officials, such as the police, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate and ProRail’s team of special criminal investigators (BOA). You must also identify yourself to the Regional Safety Advisor (RVA) or the Workplace Safety Leader (LWB), if they ask.
  • When asked, present your Access Pass (BvT) and ID or Digital Safety Passport (DVP).
    Note: The regulatory and legislative authorities do not recognise a DVP as a valid proof of identity. By law, everyone must be able to present proof of identity. This means everyone in the Netherlands must carry ID with them and may also be asked to present such ID in a situation of this kind.
  • The Access Pass (BvT) or Digital Safety Passport (DVP) shows that you know how to behave on ProRail grounds.
  • The name or logo of your employer must be clearly visible on your yellow fluorescent safety clothing.
  • In order to obtain an BvT and/or DVP, you need a statement verifying that you have successfully completed the Access to the Tracks test. To obtain a DSP you must also present a valid Certificate of Participation in the Safety Training Course.
  • When you enter a tunnel your authorisation to do so must be verified. Report to the OBI stating your name, the name of the company you work for, where you are (building/site) and the number of people accompanying you into the tunnel.
  • Of course you must also notify the OBI as soon as you exit the tunnel.
  • If an engine driver spots anyone in a tunnel not wearing a yellow vest he will report this immediately to the Train Dispatcher.

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There are three ways to identify yourself to others at ProRail.
Look at the picture. Is this the correct way?