TTHS en VWOS vervallen

e-learning programma ‘Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor’ beschikbaar

Per 1 april 2016 zijn de programma’s Toegang Tot Het Spoor (TTHS) en Veilig Werken Op Het Spoor (VWOS) niet meer beschikbaar.

Het nieuwe programma Veiligheid en Toegang Op het Spoor (VTOS) gaat niet alleen over de huisregels van ProRail, maar ook over de veiligheidsregels. Klik op en volg het programma ter voorbereiding op de toets VTOS van stichting railAlert.

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ProRail sets requirements for safety clothing and personal protective gear.
This is for a good reason!

Watch the video to learn which regulations apply and why they are important.

Study these facts carefully. Click on the image(s) for a summary in pictures.

  • People on ProRail grounds wear yellow fluorescent safety clothing with reflecting stripes (NEN-EN-ISO 20471). Cross-shaped reflecting stripes are not permitted.
  • Whether or not you wear other personal protective equipment (PBM), such as safety shoes, a helmet, safety goggles or safety gloves depends on the risks associated with your job.
  • Your employer is responsible for determining which PBM you should use and for issuing it to you.
  • Helmets must be white or yellow.

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Does this person satisfy the ProRail personal protective equipment regulations?